A brief history of the island

     The history of Alonissos begins in the Middle Palaeolithic period (330.000- 100.000 B.C.) The archaeological findings , mainly tools, that have been found in Kokkinokastro are considered to be the oldest findings of life in Aegean sea. Its ancient name was Ikos. Ancient Ikos was part of the Athenian Alliance of Dilos (478 B.C.) and remained vassal to the Athenians for more than a century. It seems, though, that its political power and its commercial importance was so big, that it had its own currency with the portrayal of the god of the sea, Poseidon. Amphorae from Alonissos with the IKION inscription have been found in many places of the Greek world, from the Black Sea to Alexandria of Egypt. Romans occupied the island in 199 B.C., because of its strategy importance for the control of the sea roads that led to Macedonia and Vosporos. It had been the crossroad of the Aegean sea for more than 2000 years. A lot of ship wrecks have been located in its waters. In 343 B.C. Phillip the 2nd of Macedonia occupied the island, which was the cause of a dispute with the Athenians. Demosthenes, the orator, tried to convince the Athenians to defend it with his speech “About Alonissos”. In 1533 the island was taken by the Turks and it wasn't until 1830, that it was let free. In 1838, during the reign of king Othon, its name changed to Alonissos, instead of Liadromia or Iliodromia, that was until then, after the proposal of the Ministry of the Interior.


     Because of its unspoiled and virgin beauty, the island is ideal for activities such as:

  1. Cycling
  2. Hiking
  3. Fishing
  4. Diving
  5. Canoe- Kayak
  6. Boat trips to the whole island and the water park

How you can reach Alonissos

     Access to the island can be done by plane to the airport of Volos or Skiathos, and afterwords with transition to Alonissos by ship. From the ports of Agios Konstantinos, Volos and Kimi there are Ferry Boats and Flying Dolphins (the transport from Athens is done by bus)

Regional Ticket Agencies contact

Athens (Kanigos square): 210 38 32 545- 210 38 43 220
Agios Konstantinos: 22350 32 444 - 22350 31 614 - 22350 31 920
Alonissos: 2424065220 - 2424066000
Volos: 24210 35 846 - 24210 23 415
Kimi: 22220 22 020 - 22220 22 522
Skiathos: 24270 22 204 - 24270 22 771
Skopelos: 24240 22 767
Skiathos Airport: 24270 22 229 - 24270 22 049

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